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5 Best Face Yoga Poses for the Well-Defined Jawline

Getting a firm and sharp jawline is the dream for everyone. However, the facial structure and the way you look along with the bone structure is not something that you can control easily.

According to experts, although you cannot change the bone structure you can easily reduce the fat layer under your chin that may camouflage the jawline. Most people, when gaining a little bit of weight, see a change in their facial structure.

However, in real life, the bone structure is not getting changed. Instead, you will notice that a thick layer of fat will develop near the cheeks area and under the chin area. This will make your face look round and eventually you might feel that you are getting fat.

However, this is just a simple sign that you are not training or exercising properly.


Is Chewing Gum Enough For A Well-Defined Jawline?

One of the most basic issues that most people face when they try to choose workouts is that they are offered an easy alternative. This alternative limits them to chewing things and one of the most common and widely known methods of getting a sharp jawline is to chew gum.

This is a very good method because it will help you work on your facial muscles and eventually you will notice a difference in the muscle definition. This will also help you look better when the under-chin fat will reduce.

However, one of the most common issues that most people face is that they always have a dominant chewing side. Eventually, this dominant chewing side impacts their face structure. You will notice that the dominant side will be much more defined and it will have a much better muscle structure and the fat will be less as well.

This leads to overall deformation of the face making you look slimmer on one side and relatively chubbier on the other side. This is the reason experts believe that you need chewing silicon that is easily available in the market and since you will be placing it under both your molars you will have much better results as well. However, apart from chewing gum, you also need to focus on exercise.

With the help of this article, we will focus on mentioning some of the best, most widely used, and most effective exercises. Our exercises are simple and you do not need any extra equipment so you can easily perform them in your office or while sitting at home anytime.

Facelift Stretch

This is the perfect sculpture stretch where you will use your hand to gently massage your face. You have to start by pressing your fingers near the ears and then gently lift up the skin and take it towards the temple. You can use a cold jade roller or just simple ice for this message as well.


Tongue Stretch

For this pose, you will lift your tongue and touch the ceiling and then open your mouth to hand the tongue outwards till you are able to touch the chin. This might require you to stretch your tongue fully so wait for the little pull you will feel at the back of your throat.

Pucker Up

This pose is normally called the fish and kiss pose. However, there is the main difference between both because with the kiss pose you will be gathering your lips and stretching them toward the front, however, in the fish pose you will tick the sides of your lips so the lips in the middle will be puckered up only. For this pose, we want you to switch from a simple “O” pose to a kiss and then to a fish pose.

Vowel Practice

This is the most interesting yet simple workout. You will have to start by making a round face like you are saying “O”, then you will switch to the “A” pose. After practicing it for at least 1 minute you will switch the combination to “O”, “A” and “E”. This is a very easy workout and effective as well. Some people like to do it in front of the mirror however, it is not essential to keep a mirror.


Gentle Hand-Thinking Posture

Most of us have a habit of cupping our faces when we think or when we are working on something. Usually, this is called thinking pose as well. However, with the gentle hand posture, you will be using the back of your hand as compared to the palm of your hand and then you will tuck it under your chin. Now gently put the weight of your face on the hand rather than pressing it firmly. Make sure to use it as a pedestal rather than as a hanger, you can also use some basic oil or lubrication and then slide your hand under your chin for at least 2 minutes.


Bottom Line

Although there are so many other exercises that are known for the sharp jawline especially most of the jawline based workouts prefer the marathon show, however, experts believe that just like the boost that you feel right after the workout, you might also feel the same with the chewing, eventually, people who start the chewing marathon do not know when to stop and this can cause them to look weird.

There are so many people who have reported that using the chewing method has helped them but they have not been able to tell when to stop. The best way to improve your jaw and facial structure is to focus on improving your

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