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Crumbl Cookie Calories

Cookies are among my favorite dessert And I am 100% percent sure that I’m not alone. They are delicious in taste and you can easily carry them anywhere without creating a mess.  

Do you know what is the best part I love about crumbl cookies? For sudden hunger no matter whether you’re going to your work, shopping, or to a friend’s place you just grab a cookie and eat it right in your car.

When I was not concerned about my fitness I love to eat cookies in a routine, festive. and on any occasion. But each day a new disease is discovered and most of the diseases have obesity as a root cause. 

Therefore, we all should enjoy the food we love but in a healthy way. I still love eating crumbl cookies but I make sure to count on crumbl cookie calories. 

Being a crumbl cookie lover most of us don’t know how many calories in a crumbl cookie? but if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle then you should know about the calories in crumbl cookie.

If you are addicted to crumbl cookies but want to lose weight as well then let me make things easy for all of us crumble cookie lovers. In this article, I will tell you about your favorite crumbl cookie calories and everything about crumbl cookies nutrition facts.

Crumbl Cookies Calories

All age groups appreciate the soft creamy chewy texture of a crumbl cookie. It is made up of healthy ingredients and the cookies are pocket friendly as well. Due to the large size, 1 to 2 people can enjoy a single cookie.

On average, a single cookie contains around 500 to 600 cal and 80 to 90 g of carbohydrate. According to the crumbl cookie, one cookie has two servings. This makes a single serving 250 to 300 cal. However, I don’t know anyone who only eats half a cookie. Everyone smashes the whole cookie.

The number of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins varies according to the cookie flavor. A simple crumbl cookie will have fewer calories than the heavily frosted ones. The best thing about crumbl cookies is they have introduced more than 100 flavors. So whatever your tastebud is you will definitely find a flavor for you.

Crumbl Cookies Nutrition Facts

While watching your weight not only calorie count is crucial but the proportion of nutrients In your meal is equally important. Before taking any bite of the crumbl cookie you should have precise knowledge about the crumbl cookie nutritional information.

A healthy body requires a nutritious diet. If crumble cookie is among your favorite desert than you must have a look at the below crumbl nutrition values

Carbs                                       46g

Dietary Fiber.                         2g

Fat                                            22g

Saturated fats.                       13g

Sugar                                        35g

Protein.                                    3g

Sodium.                                   135mg

Potassium                                95mg

Cholesterol                                70mg

Iron                                            15%

These nutrition values are based on a 2000 cal per day diet.

Crumbl cookie nutrition

Although crumbl cookie claims that they have gluten-free cookies and their cookies are high in protein. Still, it doesn’t make it a healthy option since these cookies like many micronutrients and vitamins. 

They are high in carbs which makes them a bad option for those who desire to lose weight. If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy body then you should eat it as a cheat meal. You can have just a few bites to satisfy your Crumbl cookie craving.

Popular crumbl cookie

Crumbl cookies have introduced more than 100 cookie flavors. Every week they announce a new flavor and through their social media, they also announce their flavor of the week. All the flavors are different in calories, composition, taste, and popularity.

Following are the top 10 best-selling flavors of crumbl cookie

Chocolate chip

This iconic cookie flavor is the best-selling and most popular flavor of crumbl cookie. The fantastic flavor was among the first flavors introduced to the customers. It is a permanent flavor in the bakery and is always available.

Crumbl chocolate chip cookies are different from the rest because they have milk chocolate chips in them. It gives a slightly less sweet touch to the cookies.

Sugar cookie

It is among the first cookies that crumbl cookies were introduced. Although most of the flavors are not permanently available in the crumble cookie shops but this flavor is among the permanent crumbl cookie flavors. No matter what day is it you will always find a sugar cookie on the shelves of the bakery.

Resse’s cookie

Peanut butter and chocolate are the classic and popular combination for years. The difference is that a few years back it was sold in tiny shops as Reese’s candies and now crumbl has turned it into an impressive cookie flavor.

Chocolate oreo

It is the best and the most popular crumbl cookie. There are thousands of dessert fusions made with oreo and the chocolate oreo crumbl cookie is one of them. However, the crumbl take on the oreo is the best version of an oreo cookie.

Confetti cake

Confetti cake cookie is considered a secret weapon of crumbl bakery. It has a cookie batter made of cake batter decorated with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles

Chocolate cookie

Who doesn’t love chocolate whether it is candy cake pastry or brownie form? Chocolate crumbl cookies are the classic flavor that most people adore. 

Some people like to experiment with their cookies with new flavors while many people only want a burst of chocolate in their mouth. The chocolate cookie is a Fudgy luscious rich chocolate cake flavored.

Snickerdoodle cupcake

They created this inspirational desert with the snickerdoodles. The frosting is a part of snickerdoodle which is another flat, crunchy, or chewy. It is a sweet cinnamon cake frosting that is the best form of snickerdoodles one can imagine. The fluffy soft luxurious cream cheese cinnamon roll and a secret doodle combination make the mouthwatering cookie combination.

  1. Cornbread

Many people consider cornbread a desert but crumbl cookies have to start the classic dish into a trendy cornbread cookie. This cookie is topped with honey buttercream making it more delicious.

Caramel popcorn

Have you munched on the caramel popcorn, this cookie is a more amazing mashup of similar Taste. It has a hard base with a buttery topping. The cookie remains the same Golden Brown even if it’s out of the oven for a few hours.

The caramel popcorn on the top gives a crunchy texture to the cookie. The middle buttery frosting melts in the mouth.

  1. Pumpkin pie

In November, the bestselling cookie is the pumpkin pie crumbl cookie. The bakery introduced this cookie flavor according to the season and throughout the year it is not available. Everyone makes sure that this scrumptious flavor is available at their dining table.


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