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How To Treat Actinic Keratosis With Apple Cider Vinegar

There is an old saying that anything in too much quantity is dangerous. Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of your body and glowing skin but if you excessively intake them, they can damage your body as well. This is a reason, there are specific doses of vitamins recommended for the body.

We say that our skin absorbs vitamin D from sunlight but if you will get excessive exposure to the Sun you can suffer from actinic keratosis. It is a skin disease that is much more painful and on the Internet, people are finding natural remedies for this disease. The treatment of actinic keratosis with apple cider vinegar is quite popular these days.

If you are wondering how to treat actinic keratosis with apple cider vinegar then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you the actinic keratosis home treatment.

What is Actinic Keratosis?

Actinic keratosis is a skin disease caused by excessive exposure to the Sun. In this disease, you will notice small patches of scaly skin on the scalp, face, neck, ears, and forearms. Although there is medical treatment available for this disease they are much more painful. Nowadays, people prefer actinic keratosis ICD 10 natural treatment over medicines.

Actinic Keratosis Natural Treatment

Many people have claimed that over a period of time by using natural home remedies they got rid of actinic keratosis at home. The skin was completely healed and it didn’t impact negatively on their hormones, metabolism, or general health. Even they notice positive changes in their health.

Contrary to it, medicinal treatment of actinic keratosis such as medicines and laser therapy can result in side effects like dry cracked skin, blisters, and redness. It even becomes more difficult to remove all these marks from the skin.

How To Remove Actinic Keratosis at Home

Following are some of the actinic keratosis natural cures at home.

Solar Keratosis Apple Cider Vinegar

Actinic keratosis apple cider vinegar remedy is much famous. If you are wondering how to treat actinic keratosis with Apple cider vinegar then take a cotton ball and apply a small amount of apple cider vinegar to it. Tap the cotton ball on affected areas, and cover with a bandage overnight. In the morning remove the bandage.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature due to which the affected area can become white. With continuous application in a few days, you will notice that your skin is healing.

Coconut Oil For Actinic Keratosis

To treat actinic keratosis coconut oil remedy is quite famous. Organic virgin coconut oil takes time but has been removing spots from the scalp, face, nose, and forehead. Coconut oil has some side effects like itching and redness but after a while, your skin will become soft and the side effects disappear on their own.

Milkweed For Actinic Keratosis 

Milkweed also called Ingenol mebutate is non-invasive weed extraction. The treatment with milkweed takes place in three phases. In the first phase, you will apply the extraction to the affected area for three days. In the second and third phases, the medication kills the cancerous cells. However, this remedy causes acute inflammation as a side effect.

Castor Oil For Actinic Keratosis 

Although it is not much effective compared to the other remedies it also has some soothing effects for actinic keratoses. Castor oil has soothing nature for inflammation and burning sensations. It helps in treating the skin and making it shiny.

Tea Tree Oil For Actinic Keratosis 

Tea tree oil is extracted from Melaleuca leaves. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in treating actinic keratosis.

Eggplant For Actinic Keratosis

According to research, eggplant is effective against skin cancers. When eggplant is mixed with apple cider vinegar the combination destroys cancerous cells without harming the healthy cells.

You can make easily egg planted and apple cider vinegar mixture at home by grounding a small amount of eggplant. Put it in a container and add an equal amount of apple cider vinegar. Refrigerate the container till the ground vinegar becomes dark in color. Take it out from the fridge and apply it to the affected area.

Vitamin C For Actinic Keratosis

Vitamins are essential for glowing flawless skin. Specifically, vitamin C is an amazing remedy to treat pain and swelling. It enhances the healing process and soothes the skin after chemical treatment of actinic keratosis.

Essential Oil For Actinic Keratosis

Essential oils work excellently to reduce inflammation on the skin and give antibacterial properties. You can apply essential oils to the affected area for a few days and you will notice prominent improvement on your skin.


We hope that this article was helpful on how to treat actinic keratosis with apple cider vinegar. Even if you are not suffering from actinic keratosis you can prevent this disease by maintaining a healthy diet. 

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet to reduce the chances of developing cancer. Especially citrus fruits and green vegetables have anticancer properties. Foods that are loaded with fatty acids and omega-3 help in maintaining healthy skin and boost immunity.


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